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La silhouette a avancé d’un pas, C’était suffisant pour que la lumière éclaire ses traits, j’ai ouvert les yeux et j’ai capturé l’instant.

The silhouette advanced a step, It was enough for the light to illuminate its features, I opened my eyes and I captured the moment.

Je suis vraiment ravie de vous annoncer que j’ai reçu mon premier livre photo « Follow me » à la maison hier en version papier.
Livre en édition limitée sur commande exclusivement.
Livre de photographie auto édité.

Hello everyone !!

I am really pleased to announce that I received my first photo book « Follow Me » at home yesterday in paper version.
Book limited edition on order exclusively.
Book of photography auto edit.


1- what do you mean by seeing through people Did you ask them if you could follow them? Are they strangers to you?

Yes, they are strangers I met in the street. I wanted to take part to one moment in their lives without them knowing it.

2- why did you choose to shoot black and white photographs?

London is a lively and busy city and it’s easy to get distracted by the many elements that characterise it, such as pubs, red buses, graffiti covered walls, shops and even people… all these elements add colour to the London grey landscape.
By shooting these people in black and white, I allow the viewer to read through my pictures easily, without being distracted by details that are external to the story I tell. It also brings harmony to the series.

3- were you told to actually “follow” people? Or is that something you are telling us?

“Follow me” is about my subjects asking me to indeed follow them and me wanting the viewers to follow my subjects. I find it interesting to think that there’s a whole bunch of people who are following each other through both my taking the photo and people reading the book.

4- why was it important to shoot in isolated places?

I wanted my subjects to be isolated and creating an empty space around the subject is not easy when in London. It was almost like a challenge to me as I tried to catch the right timing. The subject being isolated makes the series more intimate and gives it a certain touch of romance.

5- is it a paper book?

Yes, it’s a paper book. I made it myself and wanted to keep it minimalistic.
The main idea behind this photographic series was based on the relationship between the subject, the photographer and the viewer/reader who all follow one another in their own way.


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